[News] "CoherentUI" integration with Ogre3D

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[News] "CoherentUI" integration with Ogre3D

Post by spacegaier »

Some days ago, we have been informed that the guys behind “Coherent:Labs” have released an Ogre3D integration of their CoherentUI solution. This cross-platform solution can be used to [...]
Complete log post with showcase video: http://www.ogre3d.org/2013/11/24/cohere ... ith-ogre3d
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Re: [News] "CoherentUI" integration with Ogre3D

Post by cybereality »

This looks very interesting.

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Re: [News] "CoherentUI" integration with Ogre3D

Post by nickG »

so what's price this?

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Re: [News] "CoherentUI" integration with Ogre3D

Post by Kojack »

nickG wrote:so what's price this?
Not sure about ogre, but from their site:
Unity mobile: $100 (per seat)
Unity Basic: $150 (per seat)
Unity Standard: $350 (per seat)
Unity Pro: Ask (per title)
.Net: $899

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Re: [News] "CoherentUI" integration with Ogre3D

Post by RigoCL »

Sent an email to Coherent:Labs almost a month ago to know the price, never replied. If they don't answer when selling, imagine how it would be when asking for support...
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