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Ogre 2.0 -- 3D desktop -- Bumptop

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I'm just thinking about performance in a 3D Desktop. I'm not thinking to build one, but the idea is tempting. There are other "3D" (maybe 2.5) Desktop out there. but nothing (in my opinion) like Bumptop.

I'm not sure if you guys remember Bumptop that was acquired by google. They stop development (at least public development) and source code was release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0ODskdEPnQ

I just downloaded the code. I know in Windows they are using DirectX. I'm not sure if they used a framework or just pure directx. probably the latter. I think for mac, they did use pure opengl.


To try to avoid using directx or opengl directly, I think a framework maybe up to the task. Actually, in the project that I have been working on, which is an experiment, I find Ogre to run fine. But of course, I'm sure people are doing more demanding stuff.

I don't have much time to look further, but given my short experience with Ogre 1.x (using 1.8 now), I was thinking that Ogre is up to the task. But I think, based on previous post here in 2.0, OGRE 2.0 will have a performance boost in comparison to 1.x branch.

Do you guys agree that Ogre (in specific 2.) is up to the task or do you think another framework maybe better suited for a 3D Desktop?

OGRE is the only framework that I have experience on, so I wouldn't know anything about another one. (besides some OpenGL exposure). It has been pointed out to me that GamePlay3D maybe a good option. Of course, GamePlay3D is not a graphics engine, but a game engine. which is totally opposite to Ogre3D.

Anyways, looking at the slide, I think the OGRE team has made a big effort about improving performance in OGRE 2.0 (I'm refering to this thread: http://www.ogre3d.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=75459 )

I would be happy to receive comments about this....

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Re: Ogre 2.0 -- 3D desktop -- Bumptop

Post by Klaim »

I think Ogre would indeed match your requirement as the main thing you need is an abstraction over OGL and other rendering APIs. Of course the rest of Ogre will help with other matters.
That being said, if these parts are not that useful, maybe just using OGL whatever the plateform might be better.

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