Use MyGUI ItemBox

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Use MyGUI ItemBox

Post by andrew_vorobey »

I would like to use ItemBox to show Images. But I don't know how to make it right.
The ItemBox from demo is very hard: there are many classes for this easy thing.
I've crated ItemBox(I see it on the screen). And I would like to add ImageBox on it.

In follow code i is a for-loop variable

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        auto item = new MyGUI::ImageBox();
But the ItemBox is empty.

I've tried to create item like this:

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        auto item = itemBox->createWidget<MyGUI::ImageBox>("ImageBox",
                                                             itemBox->getHeight() * i,0,
                                                             itemBox->getHeight() / 2,itemBox->getHeight() / 2,
                                                             MyGUI::Align::Default, "");
Now it's shows elements, but on the itembox, not in. There is no scroll bar and the itembox doesn't set them grid positions.

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Re: Use MyGUI ItemBox

Post by altren »

You should use this sample as simple reference: ... Keeper.cpp
Basically what you need is to set callbacks for Item creation/redraw and other events.

Also use MyGUI subforum next time.

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