[2.1]How to take in-game photos?

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[2.1]How to take in-game photos?

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How to take in-game photos? I want to make a camera that takes in-game pics like in Pokemon Snap and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Honestly all I need to know is how to access a frame buffer's data. Once I get that, I can use a codec to save the image in whatever file format I want.

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Re: [2.1]How to take in-game photos?

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simple call : rwindow->writeContentsToTimestampedFile(string,string);

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Ogre::Root::getSingletonPtr()->getRenderTarget(MapManager::getSingleton().currentRenderTargetName)->writeContentsToTimestampedFile("Screenshots/"+CfgManager::getSingleton().current_game_project+"_", ".jpg");
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