Ogre3D still viable?

Problems building or running the engine, queries about how to use features etc.
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Re: Ogre3D still viable?

Post by sercero »

ogre-next or ogre2 is pretty modern.

ogre1 is carrying along some legacy code and ways of doing things, but it is being modernized.

You might be interested in this comparison:

There are lots of other engines, like Godot, Unity, Unreal, also WickedEngine, Urho3D, really it's difficult to choose.

Remember that Ogre is "just" a rendering engine so you have to implement a lot of systems yourself to have a functioning game engine to develop a game (like sound, physics, scripting, etc.).

There are libraries for all these systems but it is not easy to integrate everything into a game engine.

Some people had success with Ogre, but many people that only want to develop a game have gone to use game engines that better suit their goals.

Check out this site that has a ton of information about different game engines and tools:

The associated youtube channel (gamefromscratch) is pretty good.
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