[News] Ogre 13 User Survey Results

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Re: [News] Ogre 13 User Survey Results

Post by sercero »

@paroj, how difficult would it be to implement Global Illumination in Ogre 1.x?

It there something in the architecture that makes it difficult or it has not even been tried yet?

Of course you have other things in the roadmap but I wonder out of curiosity.

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Re: [News] Ogre 13 User Survey Results

Post by paroj »

screen-space global illumination should not be too difficult, as it is all done in post-processing i.e. in compositor scripts. Those are already quite battle tested with the various SSAO implementations.

However, voxel-based GI methods provide better results. Those require scene voxelization via compute shader. We got those on D3D11 & GL3+, but those are less tested. People have written particle-systems with using compute shaders, but I would expect that there are still some bugs to iron out.

There is nothing in the architecture that would prevent writing an efficient GI solution though.

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