TV tech is dead ?

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TV tech is dead ?

Post by rorschach »

My Sony Bravia which I bought in 2012 ultimately died last week and I went to a TV showroom near my home and to my shock they have TV's in Sony ranging from 1000$ all the way up to 20,000$ and all the difference I saw between the 1000$ and 20,000$ Tv was the 20K one had cleaner and crisper video quality than the other TV's, but the TV was invented almost a 100 years ago and all they could do in these 100 years was make the video quality clearer ? Companies like Sony and Samsung have billions of dollars in TV research so why is there no revolution in TV tech.

Cell phones have come a long way, I still remember my uncle who came to my home in early 1995 with something the size of a coffee flask with an antenna and display, when I asked him what it was, he said it is a wireless telephone and in just 20-30 years we have cellphones of all sizes and even with foldable screens but the TV hasn't had any ground breaking tech in it for 100 years, well they have got thinner and we have roll able screen TV's too but still watching a Jurassic Park movie which I did in a theater in the early 1990's and watching it today has the same experience shouldn't the dinosaurs feel like they are in my room !

That would be a revolution in Tech

Videos for some reason don't have the same experience as they would in real life, my house has a railway track nearby and I see trains all day and it feels great every time a train goes by but you can't possibly get that experience watching a Youtube video be it 4K or 8K.

3D TV's I have had too but they look too artificial to feel real, nothing projects out into your face in real life so where is TV tech headed or have they reached the end of the road, they will just be pushing 4K,8K,16K,32K Tv's ?


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Re: TV tech is dead ?

Post by sercero »

You could say the VR is the evolution of TV.

In my case I am glad that there is not much innovation, it is just a screen.

Perhaps innovation in display technology, HDR and all that is cool.

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Re: TV tech is dead ?

Post by hyyou »

Lifespan of newer Sony TVs are lower too. I doubt that we are falling backward.

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