Stickman platformer with neon torches?

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Stickman platformer with neon torches?

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For the life of me I can't find an old, obscure game from my childhood! My dad and I use to play it on our computer and I can't remember if it was a disk game or a download, but here are the details I remember.

Pretty sure the player character was in a stick figure style.
The setting was a castle.
It was a platformer with some story to it? All I remember is a scene at the end with I believe a dragon, but my dad always muted the game at that part possibly because it got, explicit to some degree?
The color scheme was black/dark blue, and I seem to recall having to collect torches of varying colors.

That's about the extent of what I remember and I really don't recall much else unless someone has ideas.

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Re: Stickman platformer with neon torches?

Post by sercero »

My guess is that it was MediEvil for PS1

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