Recording Ogre video and audio

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chilly willy
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Recording Ogre video and audio

Post by chilly willy »

I would like to make a video of my Ogre project. How do you guys do this?

I can think of two approaches: 1. programmatically reading and saving the video and audio buffers each frame, or 2. using an external app that records the screen and speaker output.

I have tried the second approach using ffmpeg but it records the full screen (not just the window I want) and I haven’t figured out how to make it record audio yet.

I am on a Mac. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Re: Recording Ogre video and audio

Post by sercero »


I recommend you use OBS Studio

You don't have to modify anything on your code and it can record the gameplay.

Also if you want more advanced features like filters and even recording yourself talking over the gameplay (like a streamer) you can do that.

I think it is a valuable skill to know how to use this program.

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