BEngine b8

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BEngine b8

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Bengine is a little engine that use the HL Enties format (right now, in future versions I will add some freatures to parse others formats like xml to use with osusion)

List of entities (incomplete)
EntityCamera: Create a camera, use with RTT
FuncTrain: Create mesh/brush movement, use with Track_Node
EntityLight: Create a light with some tweaks like candle and flickering lights, use node_info for directional & spotlight
EntityTrigger: Activate the target entity. Trigger once, once radius, trigger Queue.
EntityWorldCfg. Configure the scene. Sky, Shadows, Fog (more in future versions)
func_rotating: Rotate a brush/model
If you are familiar with

Physics. Disabled in this release, i used OPAL but maybe I changed.
Sound. Not yet.

Include a EntityTest Demo .map but it's a little confusing.


important: Read nfo files!
If you have questions, feel free to ask here.
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Great stuff! :D
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