Alternate Bitmap Font tool / convertor

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Alternate Bitmap Font tool / convertor

Post by Konrad »

Hi Guys,

I've written a small command line utility to convert a bitmap font image that consists of
+ a string of characters all in a single horizontal line, and
+ the characters are separated by vertical transparent alpha "gaps"
Into a standard square image file along with an associated .fontdef file ready for use in Ogre.

So it converts something like (created with The GIMP -


It's still in early stages (very very quick'n'dirty - it doesn't even yet automatically calculate the best size of the output image :P although this will be easy to implement).

Once I’ve cleaned it up and added the functionality to also spit out cegui bitmap font files I’ll write something up on the Wiki including a basic "howto" for creating the font file in the first place with The GIMP, if anyone is interested.

If anyone would like it in the meanwhile (as this might take me some time), I can post them a copy of the source and a Windows exe and if anyone wanted to put the files up onto the web they’d be more than welcome to. It uses the DevIL library, btw, as I figured that if people have Ogre, then they already have DevIL.


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