New release of 3ds2mesh

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New release of 3ds2mesh

Post by r2d2 »

Hi all,

I just made a new release (1.1) of my 3ds2mesh converter.

It integrates patches from Assaf Raman from SIMIGON

It corrects some bugs :
- vertical texture flip
- no longer export specular information
- submesh are splitted by material

Windows binaries are available at :

Sources are on sourceforge: ogreaddons/3ds2mesh

3ds2mesh allow to convert plain .3ds file (not .max) without needing other tools.

I am looking forsample files on which I could test my converter. I found some on but I am still not sure on how to deal with some material properties.

Best regards
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Re: New release of 3ds2mesh

Post by tanliyoung »

Well, after a few of quick tests, I found this tool could export the mesh and material successfully. However, the skeleton can not be exported when I specify the "-s" option. E.g. 3ds2mesh test.3ds -s test, only test.mesh and test.material were generated. And I received the message at the end
"Unregistering ResourceManager for type Skeleton
Unregistering ResourceManager for type Mesh
Unregistering ResourceManager for type Material"

Did I miss something?
BTW, thanks for your contribution~ :mrgreen:
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