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Post by PrdglSqrl »

Here's the skinny. My friend and I are using the same code through a SVN repository we created. On his machine everything seems to be in order, that is, the code compiles and runs.

However, on my machine, it tosses an exception. The exception's message is: Ogre::ItemIdentityException: Object collection named "Light" does not exist. in SceneManager::getMovableObjectCollection at <some crazy directory>/ogrescenemanager.cpp (line 5275)

Now, there are a few reasons this baffles me:
Numero uno. It doesn't happen on my friends machine, despite using the same code, as stated above.
2. It happens when the following line of code(from the ETM plugin) is called:

Code: Select all

3. And lastly, nowhere, in any of our code, is anything using the name "Light".

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it says nothing about this in the Ogre log.

Any ideas?
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Post by sinbad »

It suggests that somewhere along the line a light is getting created, but it makes no sense that the 'Light' collection wouldn't be there, it gets created at system start up.

Personally I would check that you're synchronising the DLLs correctly, that you're not accidentally mixing different versions, particularly for plugins. Mismatches can result in some very weird errors.
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