Powerball has been released...

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Powerball has been released...

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.. a time ago now; but nowbody recognized so I make a bit advertising ;)

We developed this game during a practical course last summer at the TU-Dresden (Germany). It's a arcade game where you have the roll a ball into the target. Sounds simple? Yeah, now the cool facts: Items like beamers, Coins, switches, you can control it by holding a Chessboard at the bottom of your Webcam (even in Linux ;)). And you can play it on a big 3D Powerwall (two projectors with a slightly different image) creating the real experience :)

The source currently builds against Ogre 1.4.0 (+dotScene+OIS+OgreODE) but there are plans to update.
Myself is only some Linux CVS version.

The source itself is released under GPL, but Adobe did not allow to release the images in GPL so all the Game Content is only avaiable for private noncommercial use and are not hosted at SourceForge.

In Order to release under GPL we had to switch the Video system (for the cool intro) to Theora which is not thaat stable, but you know; time is the problem...

Check out Source & GameContent: powerballgame.sf.net


http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/~s8690904/ ... elease.zip
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