RTT or R2T ?

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Which spelling should be used?

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RTT or R2T ?

Post by spacegaier »


I thought this here would be the best place for a general discussion how at least we as the OGRE community spell the Render-to-texture technique. This topic envolved while recongnizing that Mikademus proposed a different spelling from that one used here on the board.

Here the link to the wiki talk: http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/Talk:R2T

I personally prefer the "RTT" version as it is used here on the board in the posts yet and also in the www in gerenal (as far as I see). However, Mikademus concerns are not wrong. So I'd like to here your opinions on this topic.
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Post by HexiDave »

Who simplifies "to" to "2"? Probably the same people that replace "you" with "u" and "your" with "ur", right?

That alone is enough to stick with RTT, aside from the fact that there's no numbers in Render-To-Texture.
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Post by Kojack »

Mikademus might be overly sensitive to it since he actually wrote the wikipedia article about "Real Time Tactics" games that he links to. :)

I personally can't stand changing words to numbers or single letters, it's only slightly more tolerable than leet speak.
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Post by Azgur »

I'd prefer R2T2 :)

Kidding aside, I agree with the arguments above, RTT is fine.
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Post by nullsquared »

Oh, yeah, Mikademus again. The guy with the extreme experience who can't properly click on "Alphabetical List" in the documentation, apparently wants to use txt-tlk on teh artcls in the w!kee.
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Post by xavier »

So that said, we can lock this thread then.
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