[Solved]wer.dll and ieshims.dll?

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[Solved]wer.dll and ieshims.dll?

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I'm just a hobby programmer. I have compiled the Player Demo V2 (elsewhere on forums) in VS C++ Express 2008 with Ogre 3d 1.7.1 SDK.

The release version works perfectly but the debug version gives a configuration error. Dependency walker shows 4 missing .dlls, two of which I can find. I have no clue where wer.dll and ieshims.dll are. I have searched a good bit on the internet, but most of the posts say different or confusing things.

There are a lot of references to the CRT, but it seems like I should have the right version.

I'm sure it's something basic that I am doing wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :D

*Finally figured this out. I had recently installed VS Express 2010 which installed a new runtime. Downloading and reinstalling the 2008 runtime fixed the problem.
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