oiramExporter for 3ds max v0.222 release

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oiramExporter for 3ds max v0.222 release

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Author: oiram
Project: Ogre exporter for 3ds max
Type: plugin
Name: oiramExporter
Supported Versions: 3ds max 9 to 2012
Version: 0.222 on 10/22/2012
Last modified on wednesday 24 of october, 2012 18:11

How to use:
1. copy files to "3dsmax\plugins\" directory
2. open max file
3. File -> Export -> "Save as type" choose "oiramExporter(*.mesh, *.skeleton, *.material)" with any "File name"
4. in target output directory, you could find a directory's name as same as max file name
5. use model view editor to render


1. exporting only mesh, only material or only dot scene
2. ogre version selection
3. exporting progress dialog
4. exporting information dialog
5. save/load animation configuration
6. fixed function pipeline
7. 3ds max 9/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012 with x86(32bits) and x64(64bits)

1. vertex compression(save 60%)
2. cartoon shading(post effet silhouette)
3. next generation shading(normalMap, specularMap, emissiveMap, glowMap)
4. hardware skinning
5. normalMap swizzle, ag for DXTC, rg for PVRTC
6. LOD generation, save/load LODs configuration
7. 3ds max 2013 with x86(32bits) and x64(64bits)
8. model view editor
9. cartoon/next generation shader
10. ssao shader
11. bloom/glow shader

1. position, diffuse, normal, multiple texcoord, tangent/binormal, bone assignments
2. duplication reverse vertices when two sided, not simple "cullmode none" yet
3. morph animation
4. blend weights/indices
5. warning with more then 4 bones assignments and weights re-normalized
6. splitting sub-mesh by material
7. unique renaming with legality name
8. lighting map with shell material
9. re-calculate bounding box with animation mesh
10. geometry reference(instanced) checking
11. texcoords with rotation, wrap/mirror and translation
12. Gram-Schmidt orthogonalize with tangent, the tangent is float4, w is handedness

1. weld vertices
2. vertex cache optimization
3. splitting sub-mesh by max bones number with programmable pipeline
4. LOD generation
5. vertex compression, unsigned char 4 for normal/binormal, unsigned char 4 for blend weights,
short2 for texcoord0, short4 for lighting map(texcoord0/texcoord1)

1. biped skeletons
2. multiple animation
3. multiple root bones
4. only 1 skeleton file with same skeletal
5. bone with mirror operation
6. tag-point(helper with named "tag_")
7. warning with non-uniform scale check
8. remove unused bone/helper

1. skeleton animation optimization, remove unused key frame, less key frame and same result
2. empty animation checking
3. remove repeat key frames at animation tail when dot scene exporting
4. remove empty key frames
5. remove same key frames with adjacent key frames
6. remove key frames which could generation with interpolation
7. animation compression and clean

1. 3ds max stanard material conversion(standard, shell, sub material, mix, normal, ifl)
2. texture unique renaming with legality name
3. texture animation with ifl
4. texcoord transform
5. diffuse map, specular map, self illumination map, opacity map, bump/normal map, reflection map
6. two sided, phong/flat shading, alpha blend, alpha test
7. ambient color, diffse color, specular color, emissive color
8. material renaming when static and dynamic mesh with same material
9. multi textures

1. image compression to DXTC, PVRTC1 BPP2/4, ETC1
2. image compression quality option
3. normalMap swizzle, ag for DXTC, rg for PVRTC
4. image power of two checking and resizing
5. image max size checking and resizing
6. image generation mipmaps
7. min/max size checking and resizing for PVRTC and ETC1

1. ambient color in environment and effects dialog
2. standard fog atmospheric in environment and effects dialog
3. user defined properties of node(like: sound = x, particle system = y)
4. exporting only 1 mesh with geometry reference
5. exporting node hierarchy
6. node full transformation
7. node key frame animation track
8. node spline animation track
9. node path constraint animation track
10. tag-point by helper with named "tag_"
11. camera animation track, camera target animation track
12. direction light, spot light, full decay type support, light animation track
13. unattached spline animation track

1. scene editor
2. dot scene loader source code
3. 3D audio system with OpenAL
4. supporting particle universe for particle system

contact us:
email: oiramario@gmail.com
QQ: 4172485
web: http://www.flagon.cn

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