GpuSharedParameters getDoublePointer typo

Minor issues with the Ogre API that can be trivial to fix
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GpuSharedParameters getDoublePointer typo

Post by dermont »

Whilst updating/building python-ogre for Ogre1.9 I came across the following with OgreGpuProgramParams.h and GpuSharedParameters

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/// Get a pointer to the 'nth' item in the double buffer
double* geDoublePointer(size_t pos) { _markDirty(); return &mDoubleConstants[pos]; }
Is the above just a typo and should be "getDoublePointer" instead of "geDoublePointer"

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Re: GpuSharedParameters getDoublePointer typo

Post by masterfalcon »

My, that's embarrassing. Thanks for pointing that out!

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