Trials of the Webbed Blade

A place for users of OGRE to discuss ideas and experiences of utilitising OGRE in their games / demos / applications.
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Trials of the Webbed Blade

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I am pleased to announce the completion (sort of) of the game the Dark Matter Development team has been working on. It is currently behign hosted here and will be as such until the bandwidth on my empty website is gone. All feed back is welcome and I highly recomend reading the Readme file that is included with the game for basic gameplay layouts. Be aware that the game uses a PS2 style joystick, and so when mapped to the keyboard we had to place on keys two analog sticks and a D-Pad, so read the readme to get what the keyboard layout is.

Again, Love to hear some feedback. Sorry but at this point there is no guarenteed progression of this code (We have done nothing else but focus on coding since Nov '04 and could use a break from it) so feature ideas or fixes are not likely to show up. We just wanted to give everyone a heads up of what we did with Ogre (And NovodeX) in a two month peroid.

Ahead of time: We publically apologise for the Demon at the end of the game. It was a last minute addition that we did not get all the animations we wanted into it....

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