Can Ogre provide this 'Color-depth' effect?

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Can Ogre provide this 'Color-depth' effect?

Post by Emilmacko »

Hello, I'm new to Ogre and its forum, and I'm here to ask if you believe that this visual effect could be possible in the Ogre3D-engine:


The picture above is composed of 8 different shades/colors. If possible it could be neat to even colorify it to look like a Gameboy-game (color-wise)
The image is black-&-white because fully saturated colors mixed together with white and black to form an image is (in my opinion) ugly.
I imagine it could be by shader or filter or something in that sense, whatever Ogre uses.
I'm hoping to make a first-person horror game with fairly simple/low-poly geometry and in black-&-white. I was looking into Unity but I couldn't
find anything that fit my need (unless it was a post-process effect which required Unity Pro), so I found Ogre3D and I want to know if it can produce the effect.

Pixelation is another thing. I assume the best process would be to render a frame and scale it up (without the pixels getting blurred/distorted), rather than rendering a frame and then pixelating it.

Nobody else seems to have needed this kind of thing (unless the effect has a specific name I am not aware of) and I have searched everywhere with words like "Color-Depth" and "2-bit" "4-bit" "Bit-depth" etc.
but all it seems to bring is people wanting to use textures or having games use some form of color-correction.

Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Can Ogre provide this 'Color-depth' effect?

Post by spacegaier »

Yes, such an effect is possible. What you basically try to achieve is to apply a shader to final rendered scene. The respective term in the Ogre landscape is "Compositor". With a compositor script you can apply a shader to the complete render result and use the processed buffer to be displayed to the user.

You can have a look at the Ogre samples to get you started: There is a compositor sample that also has a black&white shader which could serve as a base for your gray-scale filter.
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Re: Can Ogre provide this 'Color-depth' effect?

Post by Kojack »

In the ogre sample browser try turning on b&w as spacegaier said, as well as Posterize. That one reduces the number of colours down to just a few.

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