Sky Xplore - Android astronomy application / tool

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Sky Xplore - Android astronomy application / tool

Post by Astraldevil »

We've now officially announced Sky Xplore - sky tracking and planetarium application.
Have you ever wondered what those bright stars in the night sky are? Just point your device in any direction and Sky Xplore will instantly identify and rank the brightest stars on view. Get detailed information of over 8000 brightest stars by tapping them on screen. Find out the relative positions of stars in constellations by moving towards them in 3-D space. Enter orbits of solar system planets and major moons. See how the Galilean moons orbit Jupiter by using the time player feature to accelerate the time rate. Features also include sky coordinates display you can use, for example, to check how many degrees the Sun is above / below the horizon.

This project would have been impossible without the might of Ogre (1.10), I really enjoyed using it. Other libraries used were:
-Google's protocol buffer
-AA+ astronomy library

More info & free download: ... .skyxplore

Video showing the moons of Jupiter:

Auto-id brightest stars on view:

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Re: Sky Xplore - Android astronomy application / tool

Post by kobalinkven »

Wow that looks great... Where i can find it? I just must test it right away!

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Re: Sky Xplore - Android astronomy application / tool

Post by Zonder »

Just sent it to my phone will give it a go in a bit :)
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