[1.10.9] Python Bindings

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[1.10.9] Python Bindings

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I'm trying to build the last release with MVS14 (2015 community ed.) including Python bindings component.
I didn't find documentation about building this part and I'm going into troubles.

At the end of the "ALL_BUILD" build process, I got a big serial of errors exclusively relatives to JAVA and PYTHON wraps files.

As I have readed it needs Swig I've installed swigwin-3.0.12 and I've specified the PATH in the CMAKE entries.
I've also noticed it had automatically found me python 36-32 environnement.
I didn't have installed "boost" as it was not done in the tutorial I've followed and I don't know if its usefull for my case/

I now suspects Python3 is not supported and I've to go with Python2 but I'm not sure. I didn't have found the confirmation.
Please, could someone give me some keys ?

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Re: [1.10.9] Python Bindings

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actually only python3 is tested by the CI:
https://travis-ci.org/OGRECave/ogre/job ... 1886#L5391

Its just that nobody tried to build the bindings on windows yet.

please post your build error/ build log.
Note warnings like this are fine:
https://travis-ci.org/OGRECave/ogre/job ... 2059-L2066

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