State of asset export/import in 2018?

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State of asset export/import in 2018?

Post by d000hg »

I used Ogre3D 1.x extensively several years ago. One thing that always seemed limited compared to off-the-shelf engines was getting assets from 3DS/Maya/Blender into Ogre:

- there were open-source and free exporters for these tools but they were not always well-maintained, and rarely rich in features
- Ogre only seemed to support its own formats

Particularly for animations this was a PITA, our artists always had to fight to get things exported in a way they worked as expected :)

These days I am working on a WebGL project and it's amazing that even Three.JS can open FBX files, OBJ files, possibly even STL and others. It's open source so presumably the code could be ported to C++. It makes our workflow so much easier!

So anyway I wondered has Ogre changed in recent years or does it still use bespoke formats? Is there a good overview on this in Ogre 2.0 docs?

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Re: State of asset export/import in 2018?

Post by Slicky »

I suggest as one option take a look at the GLTF plugin. GLTF is fast becoming quite a standard exchange format. You can export from your favourite modeller and get it into Ogre. This is for Ogre 2.1 and probably 2.2.

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Re: State of asset export/import in 2018?

Post by Zonder »

Link to plugin topic viewtopic.php?f=25&t=94387
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