Setting up an Ogre 1.11 project in Ubuntu 18.04 with GNU

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Setting up an Ogre 1.11 project in Ubuntu 18.04 with GNU

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Ogre Version: :1.11:
Operating System: :Ubuntu 18.04:
Render System: :OpenGL 3+:

Hello everyone,
I have just built Ogre 1.11 on my laptop which has Ubuntu 18.04. I am able to run the SampleBrowser which is great! This means I can use Ogre. My question is how would I setup a simple project with the project as this structure. I also am having no luck finding a CMakeLists.txt for a simple ogre 1.11 project and have no idea on how to write my own.

>> CMakeLists.txt

I'm familiar with this code snippet from the 1.11 manual. I'm just lost as to what else I need to include.
I'm really hoping to just start following the tutorial and any help would be appreciated.

Code: Select all

# specify which version and components you need
find_package(OGRE 1.11 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Bites RTShaderSystem)
# copy resource.cfg next to our binaries where OGRE looks for it

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